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People can be very set in their ways to the foods they will and will not eat. Food likes and dislikes can be based on actual tastes, or sometimes just perceptions of foods based on how they look or smell. Discovering new foods can be an exciting and delicious adventure. How can you genuinely know you won’t like something until you actually try it. Trying new foods can lead to new adventures, better nutrition, and bring families and friends, new and old, together.


One of the most significant benefits of expanding your horizons and trying new foods is finding new sources of nutrients, vitamins, and other essential minerals. When you eat the same stale diet of the same foods over and over, you could miss out on things your body needs.


Being open to new foods and tastes can make even the most boring day an exciting adventure. Instead of going to the same restaurants over and over, be spontaneous and pick somewhere new. When traveling, go out and try a local eatery instead of staying in and ordering room service.


Parents can set an excellent example for their children by being willing to try new foods. Kids can be extremely picky eaters. When a kid sees mom or dad being picky or unwilling to try new things, they follow suit and will not want to try anything new. When mom and dad are open to new things and willing to try new flavors, then children will want to be like mom and dad and try those new things.


The question you need to ask yourself when the opportunity presents itself to try something new is, how do you know unless you try it? You cannot possibly know that you will not like something unless you try it. There is no downside to trying new foods. If you don’t like it, at least you know you gave it a try. If you do like it, you have found a new meal to enjoy and change things up every day.


There are many more benefits to being open to trying new foods than there are negatives. Expand your horizons and find your next favorite food or meal, and then share it with everyone.