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As parks, museums, campgrounds, arcades, and other family-friendly places have been closed due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, many parents have been looking for fun at-home activities that can help them bond with their young ones, as well as keep them healthy and active. That being said, there are many entertaining activities that families can do together that will help them thrive during this social distancing period where schools and workplaces have transitioned to online platforms.


Here is a list of five fun and easy family-friendly activities that parents can do with their kids at home during the Covid-19 quarantine.


Cooking or Baking

One of the best indoor activities that parents can do with their kids is to bake or cook together. This activity is fun for everyone and helps kids engage their senses through touching, smelling, and tasting foods, as well as making them smarter as they learn math and chemistry concepts of cooking.


Indoor camping

Another exciting activity that parents can do at home with their kids is indoor camping. With some blanket tents and homemade s’mores, this fun activity can be quickly done at home.


Solve a puzzle

Solving puzzles with kids is entertaining. A unique and beneficial learning tool that helps kids concentrate better improves their spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, mobile ability, and hand-eye coordination.


Family movie night

Another fun at-home activity is watching a family fun movie alongside some popcorn. This indoor activity is a lot of fun for everyone and means lots of bonding between family members.


Practice Yoga

The benefits that yoga offers are endless. This fun indoor activity will reduce stress at home and make the overall environment more peaceful and make both the parents and the kids sleep much better.


The social distancing quarantine period of the current Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly challenging for many parents and children. However, with some planning and a little dose of creativity, both parents and kids can have a lot of fun together at home and make it through these challenging times.