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Dining out can sometimes mean choosing between an overcrowded popular establishment with exquisite food or an unknown restaurant with few reviews or recommendations. People that want the best dining experience will often go where they think they will receive the best, but this could mean missing an even more enjoyable experience. Here is a small sample of the best, but relatively unknown, restaurants Los Angeles has to offer.


Unique Korean Fare

Opened in 2018, Makani offers Korean specialties with a hint of Southern California style. Fresh, fragrant ingredients fill the menu as customers enjoy the attractive indoor/outdoor seating arrangements. Korean-American chef Kevin Lee specializes in creating dishes that remind him of the traditional Korean meals he grew up with but with a little American kick. Beef, seafood, spices, and so much more are always available with this dining experience.


Stylish Indian Cuisine

Badmaash is unlikely to remain in the unknown category for long. Reviewers consistently comment on the hip decor, the superb menu, and the attentive staff. Indian-fusion is what the family-run restaurant offers, but the menu includes plenty of delicious options for those that only want traditional Indian cuisine. News articles have pondered why Indian restaurants have failed to gain popularity in the United States like so many other global cuisines. Badmaash could easily help to become the cure for the oversight. Hidden away in the court district, Badmaash is worth the search.


Hip Global Cafe

Sqirl manages to maintain the authentic feel of a cozy café while also offering its clientele much more. The restaurant is as off-beat as its name, offering vegan dishes as well as plenty of carnivore-friendly options that take their inspiration from countries around the globe. The business began by offering preserves for sale and gradually expanded. In addition to the fantastic meals, the café also has an extensive list of desserts and still offers its preserves for guests to enjoy on-site as well as in jars to take home. People planning a trip to L.A. can get a taste of the café before they arrive by ordering the preserves and other gifts at the company’s website.


The culturally varied population of Los Angeles has helped it to become a foodie paradise with globally appreciated dishes tweaked to meet American preferences. Many of the dining locations have achieved international acclaim, but that does not mean they are the only great places to go. Sample some of the lesser-known, individually-owned spots for a taste sensation unlike any other.